Creator of Expression, I AM.

Florence (FLO) Leonardo

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I love and enjoy collaborating with Women Entrepreneurs to empower and support them with their Homecoming to SELF, to experience Intuitive Healing, manifest their Authentic Self and Desired Soul Expression as the Conscious Source Energy of Love and Fulfillment.

I co-create BEauty with you and a unique spiritual and energetic experience.

I was a woman who struggled with self-esteem at least three decades of my life. Seen by many as too much, yet often felt not enough. I began to pursue everything and everyone without knowing what I’m seeking. Cliche as it sounds, I did hit rock bottom. And from that concussion, I realized something has to change if I want to find love and experience fulfillment in my life.

Intuitively, I understand now that what I was seeking for is the discovery of Self, embracing and expressing the fullness of who I AM.

I thought I have to choose between prioritizing my Self vs. my desires. The light of that perception lies within my value and honor of Self at the time. I felt I was not enough apart from everything and everyone. I have established my identity in the pursuit of everything and everyone else, but disconnected from the treasure of Self.

It was an eight-year journey of healing childhood traumas, releasing emotional blocks, uprising to freedom, renewing mindset, and embracing the authentic Self of who I AM. Finally embodying my Soul’s true essence which is THE Source Energy of Love and Fulfillment.

In my journey, I’ve learned that you can experience Holistic Health, the alignment and wholeness of heart, soul, and body by intentionally discovering Self without having to tune in your energy in the perception of “I need healing”, but that I AM Enough, already healed, perfect, and whole.

Focusing my energetic power to be fully present on the path of Self-discovery each moment and breath of my life. To honor and value what presents itself along the way of discovering my Authentic Soul Expression.

Loving Self, simply because I AM worthy!

If my story resonates with you, let’s chat! I know how it is to feel like you have to hold the entire world in your hands. And if the responsibility gets weighty, then it might as well be you that gets crossed off the list of priority.

Let’s have a conversation on when to put you back on top of the priority list. Let your curiosity inspire your exploration of Prioritizing YOU to experience Holistic Health in taking the path of the Discovery of the Authentic Self.

Are you ready for your Homecoming to SELF?

SELF as The…
E.nergy of
L.ove and

  • Uprising to Freedom
  • Mindset Renewal
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Identity Reset
  • Energetic Expression
  • Authentic Love